We got signs today!

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Today was a beautiful day in Tacoma.  I took this picture as we were driving to the store this morning.

We feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Mark says we may not ever have a home with a view, but at least we get this view now near our business.

So, FastSigns came this morning and began installing the signs in the front window, door, and awning. There was an incident with one of the signs, so they had to redo it and are coming back this afternoon.

The woman who owns the FastSigns franchise was one of the people who were doing the install, she complimented us on our logo and said it was “awesome”. I told her it was a cooperative effort between our two boys….good job Jordan and Jonathan!

The sun wasn’t quite in the right place for getting a nice shot of the front window, so I’ll take some more pictures tomorrow.