Unloaded a kiln

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Mark unloaded another kiln of student pottery and I wanted to share some of the pieces that were made in our classes.

These pieces were made by first rolling out a slab, and then using a texture mat to add texture to the surface of the clay before cutting into the shape they wanted.  Edges can be formed and footing added to the bottom. When the pieces are glazed, even more interest is added when the glaze pools around the texture.  Beautiful!

When students first learn to throw on a pottery wheel, a bowl is the first shape that is made.  As they gain more experience they can starting throwing cylinders and plates.  Cylinders can be turned into vases, cups or a mug, when a handle is added.

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  1. Throwing Mud Gallery

    I know Kristina could make a coffee mug – did you see her great bowls? (you can hand-build mugs too – you don’t have to make them on a wheel) 😉