Student pottery – and a peek out the window

Things are moving along with the expansion and the gallery is close to being ready for us.  We now have a view of the water from our expanded area!  I took the picture below from the new area.

We’re at the end of another 6-week session of pottery classes and I wanted to share some interesting pieces that Mark unloaded from the kiln today:

These two vases were hand built, using two slabs of clay.  The student added some fun texture, gave them a bit of a bend and then attached them together with slip and more clay. 

Cute house that could be a bird house or a candle holder.  I love the glaze in that small bowl.

A nice size colander – the two glaze colors work really nicely together.

LOVE the black and white decorations on these pieces – all 3 made by different students.

Nice decorations and glaze colors on these mugs and vases.