Student Pottery

I know I’m not totally objective, but we have the most creative people taking pottery classes from us!  It’s always fun to look through the items when we unload the kiln.  Here’s a sample of some of the things that came out of the kiln this week:

IMG_1578Ron is once again using snakes as a decorative element to his pottery.  The dish is hand built from a form, and then he draped the snake around it.

IMG_1583Most people want to learn to make mugs when they take a pottery class.  It’s more of an intermediate project, but Mark teaches students how to throw a cylinder and then the proper time and technique in attaching the handles.

IMG_1582A cylinder can also be made into a cup or a vase.  This student likes to add very detailed decorative elements to her pottery.  It almost looks like a patchwork.

IMG_1581This student had a very specific project in mind when she first started taking pottery classes – to make these garden faces.  She and Mark worked together to figure out the best way for her to achieve her goal and she was able to make several of them during her 6-week session.  I think they’re wonderful!

IMG_1580Pinterest is great resource for getting ideas and inspiration for new items to make.  This student found a similar chip & dip online and learned how to make it herself.

IMG_1579Some of the pottery students love to find items in thrift shops or other stores that they can use in their pottery creations.  This was a glass fish dish that she used as a mold and then painted it.

As Mark likes to say “you’re only limited by your own creativity”.