Shopping Trip to Portland

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Most of the art work that we have at Throwing Mud Gallery are from artists who live in Washington and Oregon, with a few outside of that area.  We had some pottery to pick up for the gallery, plus we had a rare week with no pottery classes scheduled, so we closed the store and headed south to Oregon.

We’ve gone to the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase in Portland the past couple of years, but they were quick trips…3-hour drive there, look at pottery and drive back home in one day.  This trip gave us a chance to do a little exploring, along with taking care of business.

We’ve known Charlie Piatt for many years and sell his pottery in our gallery, but we had never visited his studio, Stark Street Studios & Gallery. Charlie started the studio about 33 years ago and rents studio space to several other potters. One of those potters is Don Sprague, whose pottery we also sell. We were able to pick up a few pottery pieces from Don, including a new smaller version of his garden lanterns.

We’ve had Michael’s wall fish in the store and were completely sold out, so we met up with him and got more fish for our walls. (I sold 4 of them already on Monday.)

Mike’s mugs come in two different shapes.  The shorter rounder ones seem to me to be a perfect size for a cup of chowder.  He explained to us how he does his designs and it’s a lot of work.  I think his prices are extremely reasonable, especially when you consider the time that goes into each item.

We picked up pottery from Rhoda in May when we went to the OPA Ceramic Showcase.  In planning for Christmas I decided it would be a good to get more of her pottery in the store while we were in Oregon.  We brought back some bowls, utensil cylinders (or you could use them as a vase – we won’t check up on you), and creamers and small pitchers.

On Saturday we went to the Portland Saturday Market and brought back some new wood items for the gallery.  I’ll post pics of them next time….