Sales area is just about done

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Our store is small so we’ve had to be careful with space planning. Behind the counter is a counter/desk that we can use for paperwork and computer work. We bought some cabinets from IKEA (where else?) for extra storage space. I’m happy with how it turned out.

We’re getting close to the point of being able to open.  The focus now is on getting stock.  I’ve got a little more painting to do in the back and Mark will be clear finishing the desk and working on some shelving covers for the Expedit shelves in the window.

There’s also lots of office work to get done.  We still need to order business cards, send out press releases, move the cash register and printer down to the store (and I guess I need to teach myself how to work the cash register!)  Mark is eager to start putting his pottery out.

We’ve also started taking enrollment for the pottery school.  We have new sessions of classes starting next week. 

Mark will be down at the store this morning and again tonight for anyone who wants to stop by and take a look at our facility.  I will post pictures of the pottery school later

  1. Carol

    Woohoo, I can “feel” your excitement, Eileen and Mark! Let us know when the Grand Opening is! I will be there in spirit!