Piatt Pottery

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Charlie Piatt is another Oregon potter that we know from doing art shows together. When we went to the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic showcase a few weeks ago, we intended to talk to him about getting some pottery for our new gallery.

Luckily, Charlie was willing to let us take some pottery right then and there. He has pottery in both earthtone and copper colors. Even though we liked both styles, we decided to go with the copper colors to start with, and hopefully add some of his other styles in the future (we usually see him in Boise in September).

Charlie lives in Portland, Oregon, and has been a full-time studio potter for almost 40 years. He focuses on high fired reduction glazes to achieve the vivid colors in his pieces.

We have mugs, colanders, bowls, soap pumps, casserole dishes, and some great oil candles. The brilliant copper colors in his glazes really catch your eye and anyone would enjoy having one of his beautiful pieces.