Ordinary into Extraordinary

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It was a fortunate day for Throwing Mud Gallery when Eileen B came into our gallery to show us samples of her work.  Her cousin had been in the shop and suggested she stop by.  Her pieces are gorgeous and so unique.

She makes jewelry out of rocks that she finds beachcombing.  She drills a hole through the rock and inserts a silver charm, such as a heart, or flower.  She also brought in a rock and silver bracelet – gorgeous!

One of the other styles that Eileen incorporates into her earrings is the sølje. sølje is a gold or silver disc that is used as part of traditional Norwegian jewelry. I’ve been trying to research the meaning of the shape – some say it represents the sun or that the dangles ward off Evil Spirits and keep you safe from harm.

Eileen also uses hex nuts in some of her rings.  I love how she’s taken ordinary things like hex nuts, rocks or leather and puts them together to make something extraordinary and beautiful.