Nobody told me I couldn’t, so I did!

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Debra has only been learning how to make pottery on a wheel for a few weeks. Today, we were surprised to see the size of the bowl she was throwing!

We all gathered around to admire her work – amazed that she was already throwing such a large piece.  She told us that she wanted a big bowl, and nobody told her she couldn’t make one yet (after only a few lessons), so she did it!

Quite impressive!

Mark also unloaded a kiln with some student pottery and I wanted to share a couple of the interesting pieces.

This is a slab bowl, and the really unique feature is the outside where a lot of texture was added. The glaze that was chosen really accentuates the textures.

One of our pottery students has been busy at the hand building table making bird houses.  She really knows how to add interest with clay and textures.
We have started registration for our next 6-week session of classes beginning the week of January 2 and running through February 11. Class fee is $160 for 6 weeks of instruction, extra open studio time for practice, 25 pounds of clay, glazes and firing.
You also can try to throw a large bowl or make a birdhouse
…and we won’t tell you that you can’t.