New pottery in the gallery

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We went to the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase on May 6th and brought back some new items for the gallery:

These lanterns are so unique and we knew they’d be a great addition to our gallery.  I can just imagine one of these sitting on our deck table with a tea light candle inside, while we chat and sip wine in the evening.  Some of them have a hole in the bottom so you could put in a light bulb for a little ambiance anytime.

Last year when we went to the showcase, we bought a couple of Rhoda’s pieces for our personal pottery collection.  The texture and shapes were very attractive to us and Mark has used them as examples for the pottery students.  This year we brought back inventory to sell in the store. This pottery is so unique and the soda firing gives them even more of an interesting look.

Craig Martell has long been one of Mark’s favorite potters.  Again, we have a few pieces in our own pottery collection. His work reflects a great understanding of color and texture achieved from years of experimentation with firing and glazing