Jewelry: “objects that are worn for personal adornment”

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Whenever Mark and I go to art shows, I’m always drawn to the jewelry. I own very little jewelry that isn’t handcrafted because I like knowing where my pieces came from and who made it. So, when we started the gallery, I knew getting jewelry for the store was going to be the most fun part of my job.

This past weekend we added the lovely items from two local jewelers…

Hope has recently moved to Tacoma from the eastern side of the State. When I first saw her items, I was drawn to the rustic, earthiness of her pieces. She focuses heavily on metal designs – hammered metal, torched metal, patinaed metal, and antiqued metal.

Sara is another Tacoma artist. Her jewelry has a much different style, but is no less beautiful. Her delicate, feminine pieces will add a touch of sparkle to your outfit.

…and just this morning, the letter carrier brought me a box with some earrings from our friend in Idaho who makes the most gorgeous glass items

Please stop by to see these unique pieces!