Fired Up Ceramics

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Mark uses a porcelain clay for his pottery and some use a stoneware clay. The pottery from Oregon potters, Fired Up Ceramics, is made from terra cotta clay. Most of us associate terra cotta with the planters that we can buy at the gardening center, but Richard and Robin’s pottery is much, MUCH more beautiful.

They use a potters wheel, a slab or a mold to make the individual pieces. When dried, all the decorating is done by hand, brushing on individual underglazes to get the desired colors, then a clear glaze is applied before it is fired.

The decoration on their pottery is just gorgeous…

Terra cotta is perfect for the oven and we have some beautiful baking pieces, as well as kitchen and serving items.

  1. Carol

    Oh what pretty pieces! I really wish I lived close enough to come see all these beautiful things in person!