Family Pottery Project

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Alex and her mom came into the shop several months ago with an idea.  Alex’s idea was to build her grandmother a potting bench and have each person in the family paint a tile for the table top.


We thought it was a wonderful idea and happily worked with them by obtaining the 36 six-inch tiles.  They chose several colors for the families to work with and sent tiles and underglazes off to family all over the country.


One Saturday morning the local family members came to our ‘paint your own pottery’ studio to paint their tiles.  Each person, from youngest to oldest, created their own masterpiece on a tile.


As Alex received tiles back, she brought them in and we dipped them in a clear glaze and fired them in our kiln.  With a couple of weeks to go, all the tiles were done.


We loved her idea and asked Alex to send us pictures of the finished project when it was all done.


What a beautiful keepsake for her grandmother!