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Dusting off the blog AND dust in the pottery studio.

A couple of years ago, I stopped in at a restaurant near Throwing Mud Gallery to get something.  A customer, who had been in the restaurant, came into my store a little later and teasingly told me how I had left a trail of dusty footprints behind.  The restaurant owner just laughed and said it happened every time I came in.

….how embarrassing!Pigpen

It’s inconvenient and, yes, sometimes embarrassing, but it’s also a genuine health hazard.

Pottery studios are dusty – it’s just part of the business. Anybody who has been in a pottery studio understands our battle with dust.

At Throwing Mud Gallery, we work hard to keep the studio as clean as we possibly can.  The studio is sponged and wet mopped several times a week and students are taught how to properly clean up after themselves.

There have been times when a new student doesn’t understand why our clean-up procedures are so important – but, it’s to keep us all healthy.