Dichroic Art Glass Jewelry

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Dichroic, Greek for two lights, is a dynamic art-glass medium that transmits and reflects color.

You have to see these earrings to really appreciate their beauty – I’m afraid my picture doesn’t do it justice. You look at the earring on the card and when you lift it up and hold it to the light, the colors change into something completely different and unique. Trust me, they’re beautiful. You can see better pictures of them on the artist’s website, Essential Glass Works, but this is the best I can do here at the gallery.

I have several pairs of earrings and a necklace from our friends at Essential Glass Works that I’ve collected over the years at art shows. I always get compliments on my earrings when I wear them. In fact, one time I was getting on an airplane and waiting in the crowded aisle for people to load their carry-on’s etc., and a woman seated near where I was standing touched my arm and said “Your earrings are gorgeous!”

She was right – they are gorgeous. Come in and take a look for yourself.