creative student pots

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Our pottery students learn the basic techniques of wheel throwing and hand building and then we’re excited to see how they take their learned skills and make pieces that are entirely their own.

This student made tiles out of slabs of clay and added a leaf texture with real leaves she brought into the studio with her.

These little dishes are also made with slabs of clay.  The texture was made from a sushi mat. The glazes that she chose for these dishes is perfect.

The glazes that we use in the studio are kept in buckets and are made for dipping. This student used her own underglazes to paint the mountain motif on the tiles then dipped the tile into a clearglaze.

Just because a piece is made from clay slabs doesn’t mean it has to be flat. This teapot was made with both slabs and hand built pieces. It took a lot of work and patience to make.

I like the decorative design around the rim of this wheel thrown bowl and the colors used for the mug.

Texture was added to the handle of this wheel thrown mug, and I love the color combination.

If you’re a knitter, as I am, you know what a “yarn bowl” is.  This student made a great design with hole cutters.