New items in the gallery

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We’ve added some beautiful artwork and crafts to the gallery in the last couple of weeks. Mandy combines the vibrant colors of hand-dyed anodized aluminum and the natural elegance of fine and sterling silver to create striking designs with wide … Continued

Staying busy at the gallery

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We are busy getting ready for the grand opening celebration on Monday and promoting the gallery and pottery studio on a daily basis. There has been a lot of interest in pottery classes and we are registering new students just … Continued

Ordinary into Extraordinary

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It was a fortunate day for Throwing Mud Gallery when Eileen B came into our gallery to show us samples of her work.  Her cousin had been in the shop and suggested she stop by.  Her pieces are gorgeous and … Continued

Contemporary wire wrapped jewelry

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Mylene is another new jewelry artist that we have in our gallery. (I like that our names rhyme Eileen/Mylene) Her jewelry is very elegant and classic and she uses only high quality materials. The attention to detail is quite evident … Continued

Shrinky Dinks

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Do you remember shrinky dinks? For those of you who didn’t do craft projects when you were a kid (I’m talking to you Mark Hudak), Shrinky Dinks were sheets of plastic that were usually preprinted with cartoon characters. My sister … Continued

Dichroic Art Glass Jewelry

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Dichroic, Greek for two lights, is a dynamic art-glass medium that transmits and reflects color. You have to see these earrings to really appreciate their beauty – I’m afraid my picture doesn’t do it justice. You look at the earring … Continued