Floor and a door

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Today we started installing the floor in the gallery Also, we put in the door between the gallery and the pottery studio Mark set up the pottery wheels in the studio…and we’re just about ready to go! Be sure and … Continued

Choosing colors

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People who know us, know that Mark and I aren’t afraid of color. We are always changing wall colors in our house and go from green to yellow to blue to even purple. But choosing colors for the store has … Continued

Busy times….

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Picking out paint colors has been a challenge.  What color looks like on the paint chip or even from a sample bottle, doesn’t necessarily look the same when it’s actually on a full wall. The pottery studio is painted a … Continued

Choosing paint colors

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The goal for this weekend is to choose paint colors for the walls and start painting. Not sure how much painting is going to get accomplished.  It’s Saturday evening and we haven’t bought the paint yet 😉   Mark still needs … Continued

Pictures of progress so far

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I was down at the store yesterday and took a few pictures.  Right now the progress isn’t so noticeable because it’s a lot of sanding and mudding walls.  The plumbing is in for the sink, the heaters are installed in … Continued

December 28

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I went down with Mark to set out the flooring options and choose which one we want.  We’ve decided to go with a beech laminate flooring in the gallery, and Mark has picked out simple linoleum tiles (NOT peel and … Continued

The start of a new week….

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Things are progressing nicely down at the store. The wall is up that will separate the store from the pottery school. This is the view from the front door: The door between the two areas will have a window in … Continued