Busy times….

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Picking out paint colors has been a challenge.  What color looks like on the paint chip or even from a sample bottle, doesn’t necessarily look the same when it’s actually on a full wall.

The pottery studio is painted a very light, light yellow – we’re happy with it and think it brings in some nice warmth to the space.  The back walls of the studio is a nice terra cotta color that brings in some interest. You’ll also notice the floors are installed in the studio now.

I had chosen a little bit darker yellow – what I thought was a soft butter yellow – for the bathroom.  But the next day when we went back to the store, we hated it.  It was much too bright.  So, we tried the softer yellow from the studio – still too bright.  The room is so small and the ceilings are high and the color just bounced around.

So, now it’s repainted a sage green. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow. It is MUCH easier on the eyes and you don’t get the feeling you need to wear sunglasses in the bathroom.

The lights in the gallery were installed today

so now we can actually see what the color samples look like on the walls.

Tomorrow the sink will be installed in the studio, and maybe even some flooring in the gallery. Mark is feeling a little frustrated on how long things are taking, but I think we’re making pretty progress after only a few weeks.

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  1. Pamela

    Bathroom colors and lighting are so important to me when I am looking in the mirror and washing my hands…:) Soft color is everything…lol. Looks great, Eileen!

  2. Carol

    I love the terra cotta color! Sorry about the delay but you have to get it right! Patience, Mark!