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Our store has an awning over the front window and door. The name of the previous tenant was still on the awning and we’ve been talking with the landlord about getting that changed to our name. The landlord called the company that made the awning to get an estimate of how much it would cost to put our name up there. The bid came back at about $400 to remove the awning and take it to their shop and then use a heat treatment that would remove the old name, clean up the awning, put our name on it and re-install the awning back at our location.

There were negotiations back and forth about who should pay for it – is the awning the building property and so the landlord would pay – or was it our cost? Could we split the cost and we pay for our name and the landlord pay for the cleaning? Mark decided to take a closer look at what we were dealing with, so he got up on a ladder and realized he could easily peel the lettering off! You could still see a faint hint of the old name so he took some paint thinner and cleaned off the adhesive that was left behind.  It pays to be frugal 😉 Now all we have to do is order a new “Throwing Mud Gallery” adhesive sign.

I realize that Mark always seems to be busily working at the store and I just write about it.  Not so!  I will have you know that I did most of the painting in the gallery – but I seem to be the resident photographer, so I’m always behind the camera. (disregard the blue tape around the trim that I hadn’t taken off yet.)

  1. Carol

    I’m glad to see progress made. Do you both expect to open this month or will it be in the beginning of February? How smart of Mark to check out the awning before shelling out $400!