Photo credit: Amanda Howse Photography

Mark Hudak was required to take a pottery class in college for his art major and the minute he started throwing on the wheel, he was hooked. In 1977, he moved to Tacoma from Chicago to teach school, but pottery eventually became his full-time work. He enjoys making functional items that people use in their daily living. Working from his home studio, he sold his work at many of the fine arts and crafts fairs and galleries in the Northwest.

Mark and his wife, Eileen, opened Throwing Mud Gallery in January 2011, where Mark now has his studio and also shares his passion for ceramic arts with others through pottery classes. His work is available at Throwing Mud Gallery. He also sells his pottery online at

Eileen is a Tacoma native and worked in the corporate world as a web developer until December 2009. While Mark is in charge of the pottery studio, Eileen manages the gallery, class registration, the paint your own pottery studio, and the business side of Throwing Mud Gallery.